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Alternative Pain Management in Jackson

Improve Your Quality of Life Without Medication

Advanced Rehab and Medical, P.C. strives to minimize medication in our customized health services in Jackson, TN. As an integrated wellness practice, we believe in natural solutions and gentle methods to alleviate your symptoms, including in the case of chronic illness. Our alternative pain management solutions rely on a multidisciplinary approach that includes chiropractic, physical therapy, and hormone replacement to optimize your health. 

Our clinic is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5.30pm. We offer payment plans for your convenience, and our first-time clients are eligible for a free consultation. 

Our Gentle and Effective Approach to Alleviate Your Symptoms

Alternative medicine utilizes a comprehensive and individualized approach to healthcare. Where allopathic medicine may only consider one aspect of your body or general well-being when recommending a solution, our team of providers takes your whole situation into account and strive to create a care plan that gets to the root of your issues and support your overall health. With several medical disciplines in a single practice, Advanced Rehab and Medical, P.C. makes it easy and convenient for you to receive the treatment you need. 

Chiropractic is an important part of our approach because of its significant impact in restoring and maintaining your spinal and nerve function. Hormone replacement also plays an important role in how we can optimize your well-being and alleviate symptoms associated with various chronic conditions. 

While we may use medications in certain cases, our approach aims to minimize your reliance on them and instead use natural and non-surgical methods to help you do the things you love again.

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Our Pain Management Program for Headaches and Migraines

At Advanced Rehab and Medical, P.C., we offer a pain management program specifically targeting headaches and migraines. Our goal is to help you get effective and lasting pain relief to take care of your daily activities and other goals you want to achieve. 

This program may include medication but only as part of our integrative approach rather than being the primary element of your treatment plan. Offering a safe, natural, and healthy treatment is our priority.

Our integrated pain management program for headaches and migraines helps:

  • Reduce or eliminate any chemical and physiological imbalances in your body 
  • Address any biochemical imbalances via therapeutic or chiropractic care
  • Avoid taking medicine every day 

Our on-site equipment includes medical imaging like x-rays, which helps us determine the cause of your pain and understand your headaches’ trigger points. Once we have all the necessary information, we can tailor our pain management program to your specific needs. 

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Real Patients. Real Results.

    “Prior to coming to Advanced Rehab & Medical I was skeptical about the benefits it would have for me. I have been coming for two weeks now and can tell a noticeable difference in the way may back feels and the way I move. I was taking pain pills just to”

    Treva S.

    “I was able to cancel the surgery!! I am forever grateful for the commitment & care I received from the staff at Advanced. I still do maintenance visits to keep my back in check, and thankfully I am now able to lead a normal life. Thank you, Advanced Re”

    Tiffany Y.

    “My treatments has helped me tremendously. The doctors and Rehab therapists has help me also, to the relieve this pain. Going here to the Chiropractor has really helped me. I have been to regular rehab many times and I have not had any success. This has too”

    Anita H.

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