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Hormone Optimization in Jackson, TN

Hormone optimization can help you feel better as you age. When we get older, our bodies slow the production of testosterone and estrogen. For women, especially as they go through perimenopause and menopause, estrogen levels decrease dramatically. If these hormones, either estrogen or testosterone, are not present at their full strength, they can cause mental, emotional, and physical problems.

You may start to have trouble sleeping, gain weight easier than before, feel depressed, or become fatigued. Symptoms that aren’t as readily noticeable, but are more serious, can include loss of bone strength and the onset of cardiovascular disease.

The good news is that these issues can be lessened or eliminated through the use of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Hormone Replacement Benefits

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, abbreviated BHRT, is a naturally derived solution to problems caused by hormonal imbalance.

By supplementing your body’s reduced production of hormones, BHRT restores the hormonal balance, which, in turn, brings your system back on an even keel. If you’re a woman going through menopause, you will get relief from your night sweats and hot flashes. Your cold hands and feet will return to a normal temperature. Your mood swings will dissipate, and you will feel less anxious.

Men with low testosterone will notice an increase in their sex drive, and their erectile dysfunction problem will likely go away. They will be more energized and have an easier time falling and staying asleep. These are just a few of the benefits that hormone replacement therapy can bestow upon the patient who opts for this treatment plan.

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How Pellet Therapy Works

After your diagnosis of low estrogen or low testosterone, you will undergo a full-panel blood test. This will enable the compounding pharmacist to create a BHRT pellet specifically for you. It will be customized to work best with your unique physical makeup, and to have just the right amount of hormones to complement your body’s naturally produced estrogen or testosterone. Unlike pills and creams, pellets consistently provide you with hormones as your body needs them. The pellets can do this because they are not ingested all at once, but are embedded under your skin. A doctor will insert a tiny pellet into your hip or upper buttocks after numbing the location of insertion. You won’t need stitches or to check into a hospital for this; it’s a simple outpatient procedure that requires just a small bandage on the insertion area.

You can immediately return to most of your normal activities, with the exception of high-impact exercise, especially if it affects the lower body. You will start to find relief from your hormonally induced symptoms in a week to 10 days following the insertion of your pellet. The pellet will last for up to six months, depending on your gender, weight, and your body’s rate of absorption. The pellet does not have to be removed. Rather, it will dissolve naturally and safely because it is completely created from plant-based ingredients that are identical to your hormones’ molecular structure.

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